Divani Blues began as a brand in 2015, but the company history goes back many years before. In 1975 two brothers Maurizio and Sergio Ruzzante, decided to start their activities as "artisans of upholstery". The two brothers founded in Meda, considered the center of the Excellence of furniture, their family-owned company that now commences production targeted at big brands and large retailers. All this, first in a small makeshift lab, then in a larger and more functional structure, confirming the continuous professional development through the years.

Over the years the company has adapted to the tastes and fashions of the time according to the step with the needs of its customers. Blues was and remains a family owned company mainly characterized by a strong craft nature. Today, in 2015, the company comes up with a new look, but with the same spirit and the same future tense: now in its second generation, the sons want to continue to carry on the tradition, and to assert its Made in Italy worldwide.

The handcrafted process from the 80's to today has evolved. Technology gives a strong contribution to the sector, especially when it comes to waste of resources. Thanks to technology is allowed a greater precision in the cutting of the fabric and a lower waste of the same. Less waste of raw material allows us to reduce costs and resources, ever helping us to save the environment and impacting significantly on the costs of sales, not engraving to the quality.

Blues's Experience provides products characterized by high quality standards that do not fear comparisons and completely Made ​​in Italy. Raw materials that are used coming from selected and guaranteed suppliers. In addition, thanks to our experience, we can find the right solution for you. Find out the best.